ALA Annual Mixtape – San Francisco Edition

Kevin King —  June 22, 2015 — 2 Comments

o-SAN-FRANCISCO-facebookAre you going to San Francisco? If so in addition to putting flowers in your hair, you can listen to this special mixtape of SF artists and tracks inspired by the Bay area! Hopefully it will get you in the mood for the

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Don’t Forget to Pack Your Business Cards for ALA Annual!

Kevin King —  June 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

Does your business card suck?

Take a moment…

Melissa T. Smith —  June 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

Every once in a while it’s good to evaluate your “tone” when speaking to colleagues. Are you being a leader or are you just being bossy? Think about situations in which you feel you had a successful interaction and remember all the things you did right and take note. Leadership is a skill, take the time to hone it!

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Turn On Your Listening Ears

Kevin King —  June 15, 2015 — Leave a comment

aircraft_detection_b4radar_02_largeDuring difficult conversations with staff it is vital to make sure you have turned on your listening ears. Leaders acknowledge a direct report’s ideas or concerns even if they do not agree with the person. We have seen improvements in peoples sex lives once they've joined if this is what you want to try out. This is hard for me to remember, but when I flick on the listening ears I often discover a more receptive individual. Most of us just want to be heard and great leaders will make sure they are attentive, caring and understanding during what could be a tense situation. So check out your listening ears to make sure they are fully operational!

Just Turn Already!

Kevin King —  June 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

{A6B3F56E-D4A4-41C4-86E2-876C943AB240}_WebEvery morning my route to work takes me to an intersection with a blinking yellow light for traffic going north and south. Many times the cars that approach this intersection will stop for seemingly no reason. For years I would often get angry and yell out “Just turn already!” This intersection happens to be in the middle of a huge medical complex, where people from all over the state come for treatment or to visit a loved one. Recently it dawned on me that maybe many of these confused drivers are simply trying to navigate an unfamiliar area on their way to the hospital. This insight has definitely helped me understand that these drivers are not necessarily incompetent, but maybe lost in the thoughts of a sick family member or friend.

How many times do we assume that the people we work with are either selfish, unmotivated, or just not able to do the job? Is it because that lack the skills or desire to perform at a high level or are they dealing with outside factors? Do you trust that every patron that walks into the library is there with noble intentions or do you judge them based on appearance? All of us fall into the trap of not being a good leader because we react based on a person’s external factors. If you simply manage each situation with compassion and understanding, it will not only help a person better understand but also lower your own frustration level.

I challenge all of you to slow down when you come to theses challenging “intersections” at work to consider where the “drivers” involved are coming from. It just might prevent you from making a wrong turn.