Back In Full Effect

Kevin King —  October 2, 2014 — 2 Comments
photo credit: msaari via photopin cc

photo credit: msaari via photopin cc

Thanks for finding us.  We were lost for a few months.

The leaders behind Library Lost & Found want to earn your trust again as a source for practical and sound leadership advice.  Good stuff from the trenches.  It certainly does not help when the blog drops off the grid for a few months.

How many times as a leader do you feel like you have lost the trust of a team member?  It is not a great feeling.  I was really worried that our absence may result in losing your trust as a reader.  When I started thinking of how the contributors of LL&F could get you reading again, an email from the Harvard Business Review appeared in my inbox that really helped.

In her blog post Carolyn O’Hara outlined four easy ways to build and keep the trust of your team.  Every suggestion helped me reevaluate the charge of this blog.

  • Make a connection. – We have enlisted seven new contributors!  All of them are from different types of libraries all over the United States.  Most importantly each one is at a differently level in their leadership career!  We hope that you will connect with the diverse voices writing about their experiences.
  • Encourage rather than command. – LL&F is not a “how-to” manual.  The goal is to share the honest stories that provide insights on how to lead in libraries.  Success will be measured if we encourage you to become a better leader from what you have read.
  • Take blame, but give credit. – Some of the best posts come from stories in which we failed.  The contributors are not above admitting mistakes in their own leadership adventures.  We will share when we mess up and will celebrate the people in our lives that help us lead.
  • Show competence– LL&F is committed to not only waxing poetic about the leadership battles that make us strong, but also providing scholarly research.  Expect to see more links to articles on leadership from different professions, resources that support the journey, and insight from the people charging forward to make libraries great.  Don’t worry, we will still try and make you laugh as well.

LL&F is back in full effect.  Ready to be the trusted blog you visit weekly to discover “library leaders dropping knowledge.”  Thanks for coming back to pick up what we are putting down.

Kevin King


Kevin King is the Head of Patron Services/Information Technology at the Kalamazoo (MI) Public Library. Previously Kevin led Teen Services at KPL, where he helped build a nationally recognized program. Kevin has presented all over the country on many topics including teen services, innovation, graphic novels, and programming. As a member of ALA, YALSA, PLA and the Michigan Library Association, Kevin has served on various committees and has luckily won a couple of awards. In his spare time Kevin obsesses over the Detroit Tigers, listens to music (check out his music blog -, and does his best to be a kick ass dad to Abigail and Rachael.

2 responses to Back In Full Effect


    Hurrah, LL&F is back!


    Whoa ! I was just looking here yesterday to see if I had missed something. Welcome back – I’m looking forward to lots more!

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