Local Library Innovates by Loaning Money

Megan Hartline —  April 1, 2015 — Leave a comment
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The Central District Public Library (CDPL) announced today that it will continue the library tradition of sharing resources by giving patrons a new loan service: money.

Any patron with a valid library card will be eligible for an interest-free loan, obtained by visiting a library branch during open hours.

CDPL Assistant Director April Pardilla said of the new service, “The library is committed to improving the lives of our community users. We’re leading the way to move libraries into the next generation of loaning by providing our users with much needed capital.”

Local officials expressed concern that these new library services overlapped with existing businesses, but Central District Bank senior executive Dan Norcev commented, “We don’t consider this new library service competitive with our business. The library is offering services similar to those of a credit union, but at much reduced rates. We can all compete in a fair market.”

Loans not returned to the library by the due date will be subject to overdue fines at the same rate as DVDs.

Edit 4/2/15: April Fools! While library banking isn’t currently a reality in the United States, 2014 saw interesting debates about the merits of post office banking.

Megan Hartline


Megan Hartline (@wrybrarian on Twitter) is librarian at the University of Michigan, where she manages physical collections and provides professional development. She holds a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Leadership, and is passionate about building community by connecting people with resources.

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