Library Above and Beyond Award

hhibner —  May 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

My library instituted a new staff recognition program recently called “Above and Beyond.” It was meant as a way for staff to recognize and celebrate each other and the extraordinary contributions they all make. It is a way to create positive energy in the workplace, which we can all use more of!

photo round squeeze toy with excited face, arms, legs, and thumbs upAnyone can nominate anyone else for an Above and Beyond award. They can even nominate anonymously if they want. They just fill out a form or email their nomination to the Public Relations and Marketing person saying who they are nominating and why. The nominee receives a “Squeezable Praise Thumbs Up Thanks for Being Awesome” guy and a certificate. They don’t get anything fancy or monetary, since that really wasn’t the point of the program. They get recognition and we all get warm fuzzies when we hear these positive stories.

The program is not meant for managers. If we start nominating people for awards, it could look like we are playing favorites. We have had managers (including myself) nominated anonymously (thank you, Anonymous!), but that is possibly so that they don’t look like they are sucking up to their boss. That said, managers could certainly nominate each other. We wanted to minimize all possibility for unnecessary and unintentional drama with this program and focus on the celebration of each other. So far so good!



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