Let’s Get Lost

Shawn Brommer —  March 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

Traveling with compatriots along the path of leadership provides opportunities to safely get lost.  We will never be too far gone if we connect with others and nurture professional relationships with colleagues who encourage, constructively challenge, and support our visions. Leaders offer encouragement and accept it.  Strong leaders recognize the gifts of mentors and realize when it is time to reciprocate and help others find their ways.

The craft of losing is a tricky one.  At one point I realized that, as a public youth services librarian, I would never be the type of children’s librarian I emulated: I had to lose  my vision of  being a performer and regaling assemblies of children with tales of magic and wonder because, gosh darn it, I was just too uncomfortable and not very good at it.  In that loss I found success. I discovered that I am most comfortable connecting with colleagues to create services and programs that allow others to shine, thrive, and succeed.  Leaders learn that loss is necessary and that strength is found in the evaporation of ego,  presumption, and fear.

What have you lost?  What have you found?

Shawn Brommer


Shawn currently coordinates youth and outreach services for 53 public libraries in South Central Wisconsin. She has worked in public libraries since 1989 and in that time has retrieved thousands of archived issues of (paper!) periodicals, shelved miles of books, conducted hundreds of youth programs, presented at state & national library conferences, and has written dozens of grants. She has served on and chaired national committees for the American Library Association and has proudly chaired children's book award committees for the Wisconsin and New York Library Associations and the South Asia National Outreach Consortium. She is especially committed to creating welcoming environments for library patrons and staff and to helping colleagues thrive and succeed.

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