Photographers talk about the “golden hour,” that special time of the day when the light is perfect for taking beautiful pictures. In the library, there’s a time like that every day, too. I like to call it “wacky hour”. It’s that time – around 3 or 4pm – when everyone kinda loses focus and gets goofy. This used to be disconcerting to me. “Why can’t I focus?” or “Man, I just wasted 30 minutes recapping last night’s episode of ‘New Girl!'” Now, I embrace it…with a dance party! A favorite around my library is George Michael’s “Faith”. Clocking in at less than 4 minutes, it’s a perfect break that let’s people let loose some of that goofy energy, laugh and then refocus. Give it a shot the next time you’re feeling your and your co-workers’ productivity waning. Limit it to one song and let different people play DJ for variety.

Kelly Bennett


Kelly Bennett has worked in libraries for nearly half of her life. She is the Head of Circulation at Ferndale Public Library, where she also purchases music, curates a local music collection and runs a monthly rock concert series, First Stop Friday. She has presented on her music programming at the Michigan Library Association annual conference and at Public Library Association's national conference. Follow her @stomper4x4 and check out her blog for more information about her concert series and music collection.

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