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Do It NowI have a tendency to procrastinate. Well, let me think about that and I’ll tell you tomorrow if I have a tendency to procrastinate….You get the idea. Whether it is a project that is overwhelming, a phone call or email that I don’t want to make or some other onerous task that I simply don’t want to deal with it is easy for me to find a lot of other things to do in its place. Occasionally procrastinating pays off, but usually it is just an energy drain. My brain keeps thinking about the task I am avoiding and when I finally get around to doing the task I find that it was not as bad as I imagined.

I’m a list maker. I’ve been known to put things on my to-do list after I’ve done them just so I can check them off. But again, that’s a waste of time. Some of the to-do items take longer to list than they do to do them.

Last year I got frustrated with this endless cycle and decided to make a sign for my desk that says DO IT NOW! As you can see from the photo, I resisted the urge to make this complicated and and perfect by creating a fancy sign in Publisher or by laminating it or using cute stickers. I grabbed a piece of note paper on my desk and a black marker and followed my own advice. DO IT NOW!

The sign reminds me when I see an email or think of something to do, to just DO IT NOW when it makes sense to do so. Time management principles aside, often the moment to act is NOW. Works for me.



I'm a middle school librarian who embraces books and technology and information in any form. I successfully got the word "cybrarian" listed on the 2000 Lake Superior State College Banished Words list. @cdobrez

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