Great Finds: Jing for Training Tutorials

hhibner —  May 6, 2013 — 4 Comments

One of my favorite tools is Jing.  It’s a free download, and perfect for creating nice screen shots and even screencast videos. Here are some of my favorite ways to use it:3jing_interface

1. When I need to call tech support for a problem, they love to have a screenshot.  With Jing, you can capture whatever is on your screen, making the verbiage of an error message or a pop-up much easier to show them.  You can also record your movements so that tech support can watch back the video to see exactly what you clicked on and what was happening at the time.  If you can re-create the error “on tape,” they may be able to fix the problem faster.

2. I also love to make tutorials for training new staff members.  Teaching interns, who have potentially never laid eyes on the back end (staff side) of an ILS, is a breeze with screencast videos.  Just record your movements as you place holds, renew checkouts, create library card accounts, look up titles and subjects, or whatever else you need your staff members to be able to do.  I create short (one or two minute) videos of how to use the ILS, library databases, etc.  New staff still get one-on-one training, but they can refer back to the videos for review.

3. I also maintain a training manual.  Jing can be used to take nice still screen shots.

4. You could also make short videos available to the public.  Same as above – show them how to use your library catalog, databases, web page, how to register for programs, etc.  Jing allows you to record audio, too, which enhances the videos.  Jing makes it easy to share videos on social media platforms too.

Jing is from TechSmith, a tech company with lots of great tools worth a look!



Adult Services Coordinator at the Plymouth District Library with a mild obsession for collection quality. Ok, maybe not so mild. Find me on Twitter at @hhibner and over at Awful Library Books (!

4 responses to Great Finds: Jing for Training Tutorials


    Besides Jing, which is a great tool, there is another free screencast tool which I have found easy to use. It has a cheesy name, but is also a good tool. You can make videos up to 15 minutes long with a free account.

    Thank you for this great blog. I have learned so much from it. Keep up the great work!

      MadisonShawn May 7, 2013 at 9:00 am

      Thanks so much, Sherri! How have you used Screen-cast-omatic?


        I have used it to create a tutorial on how to use PubMed for a course I took last year. I created several screen casts using Screencast-o-matic and embedded them in a Powerpoint presentation. I used the free version, but the paid version is only $15 a year, and with that you get editing tools.

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