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Kevin King —  May 8, 2013 — 5 Comments

268361436_640As leaders it is extremely important to acknowledge staff that are not only doing great work, but also helping promote your vision.  So often we get wrapped up in advocating the direction of the team, that we neglect lifting up individuals that have embraced the work towards achieving goals.  This type of praise is different than simply thanking someone for doing an individual task, which is very important as well (check out these LL&F posts).  What I have discovered is that when I lift up staff for furthering the vision and goals, I have reinforced the importance of the mission.  You will also find that reluctant staff may start to see the light.  The journey becomes much less fraught with peril.

Recently at Library Lost & Found we surpassed 10,000 views.  Although this might not be as impressive as other blogs, I am thrilled at the response in just under two months.  What surprised me the most is that the country that has responded the most to the blog after the United States is New Zealand.  Imagine my thrill when I discovered that the land of hobbits loves the library knowledge we are dropping.  So I would like to take this time to publicly thank the Kiwi library leaders who have been supporting our mission and spreading our ideas in their great country (I’m looking at you @sallyheroes).  I know that you will inspire the other countries of Middle-Earth to start reading our blog.

Kevin King


Kevin King is the Head of Branch and Circulation Services at the Kalamazoo (MI) Public Library. Previously Kevin led Teen Services at KPL, where he helped build a nationally recognized program. Kevin has presented all over the country on many topics including teen services, innovation, graphic novels, and programming. As a member of ALA, YALSA, PLA and the Michigan Library Association, Kevin has served on various committees and has luckily won a couple of awards. In his spare time Kevin obsesses over the Detroit Tigers, listens to music and does his best to be a kick ass dad to Abigail and Rachael.

5 responses to Kiwi Love


    You brought a wee tear to my eye. Thank you for your awesomeness 🙂


    Well, as someone who has been writing a blog for almost two years and just recently surpassed 30,000 views, I think 10,000 views in 2 months is wonderful not to mention well deserved. I really love your blog.


    Thanks Bonnie. Looking forward to reading your blog!

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