Finding Confidence

Angela —  May 9, 2013 — 1 Comment

While I can’t speak for other managers, I know that I have days where I have the following thoughts:

  • Huh. Never run across that one.Sound-of-music2
  • I have no idea what I’m doing.
  • Wow, they really let me be in charge.
  • Am I even grown-up enough to do this?
  • Don’t Panic. If you panic, others will panic.

I suppose I could give some sage advice on how I don’t let these thoughts get to me but mostly, I just think of this:

So if you happen to be visiting my library and you see me execute a random jazz square and twirl, you now know that it’s not just out of the pure joy of being a librarian.



Angela Semifero serves as Director of Marshall District Library, a relatively small library in Western Michigan where she has worked since 2006. She has worked in public libraries since high school, and she has a special love of working with small and rural populations. A regular presenter at conferences and workshops, she has been a trainer for several Michigan organizations and has taught as adjunct faculty through Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science. Angela has served on a number of committees for MLA and Library of Michigan as well as national committees such as the Amelia Bloomer Project.   When Angela is not thinking about libraries, she is probably thinking about unicorns, musicals, her spouse, or Pretty Little Liars. Follow @somedayangeline

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