Great Finds: Trello

Kelly Bennett —  June 10, 2013 — 3 Comments

Trello-IconI was recently introduced to Trello by the boss at my non-library second job. At a small publicity company, all the employees have a lot of small inter-connecting tasks to do, which, if not done can leave someone else in the lurch.

Enter Trello, a to-do list on steroids.

You create a board for each project you and your team are working on and then cards with each of the steps required to finish it. By default, there are three columns, “To Do,” “Doing” and “Done,” but these are customizable. For instance, if you wanted to streamline your event planning, you could create a column called, “Create Facebook Event” and have individual programs represented as cards. On the cards, you can create due dates, checklists and attach files. As a manager, you include all the people involved in the project on the board and then on each of the cards, you include the person whose task it is. You can also tag anyone who the board is shared with in notes on cards to let them know there’s something important for them there.

When I went on a trip a while back, I used Trello to help me get through all the things I needed to do before I left. “Pack” was an individual card, with a 25 item packing list. While I was packing, the card lived in the “Doing” column and when I was finished, I moved it to “Done”. The web interface is clean and intuitive and both the Android and Apple apps were easy to use. I can imagine implementing Trello for a large, multi-faceted project (large fund-raising event) or using it as a way to track a process you do all the time (booking your meeting room spaces), where each of the steps is vital, but easy to forget.

Kelly Bennett


Kelly Bennett has worked in libraries for nearly half of her life. She is the Head of Circulation at Ferndale Public Library, where she also purchases music, curates a local music collection and runs a monthly rock concert series, First Stop Friday. She has presented on her music programming at the Michigan Library Association annual conference and at Public Library Association's national conference. Follow her @stomper4x4 and check out her blog for more information about her concert series and music collection.

3 responses to Great Finds: Trello


    I too found trello recently, I love the card ideas. One thing I found I needed was repeating tasks. I moved on to omni focus which is pretty powerful for task management. Trello is a great tool that is free. I use it with my co workers to collaborate on projects.

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