Holding down the fort during ALA

nighthawk309 —  June 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

20130628-075500.jpgZillions of librarians are descending upon Chicago for the annual ALA conference. For those of us who are staying back to hold down the fort during the conference, you won’t miss out entirely if you take some of these steps.

Stay connected to conference musings by taking a gander at Twitter. The hashtag for the conference is #ala2013. This link will take you to a search using that tag. You can find the official word on the conference here.

Are you a Pinterest enthusiast? Give this one a try.

Reach out to those who you know are attending. See if they can help you gather information on new services or ideas, ask them what inspired them at the conference and see if they can offer any leads based on their experience.

Keep your eyes on Library Lost & Found. Several of our contributors will be posting along the way. You won’t want to miss what they have to share! Expect to see some action on LL&F Twitter and LL&F Facebook too.

If you missed out on attending this year’s conference, start planning to attend a future conference. All of the conference locations through 2021 are listed here. Also be sure to check out statewide or regional conferences that can offer some really great opportunities as well.

If you are attending this year’s conference, I’m pretty sure your colleagues holding down the fort would dig some conference swag and goodies.



Matt Church is the library director at the Berkley Public Library (Berkley, MI). He was previously associate director at the Baldwin Public Library (Birmingham, MI). He's all about libraries, Tom Waits, coffee, trekking and family adventures.

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