Library Rangers Unite!

ckdobrez —  September 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

LogoPatchOh, the boys at Unshelved are having fun again. Surely you know about their irreverent library humor in their online and print Unshelved comic strip? If not, catch up! But Gene and Bill have a new Kickstarter project that savvy library leaders are going to want to use to reward their hard working staff members. Yes, folks, they are developing Library Rangers badge reward system. Be Informed! Here’s a partial description in their own words:

Library Ranger is anyone who loves libraries and helps support their mission, from librarians, pages, and clerks to teachers, students, and patrons. And now there’s a fun way to celebrate the diverse skills that these good people exhibit on a daily basis: high-quality embroidered badges, designed by Bill & Gene, the Unshelved guys.

Wearing a Library Ranger badge tells the world that you are dedicated to executing your responsibilities, that you have completed your training with honors, that you performed service above and beyond the call of duty, or that you somehow managed to endure a truly epic level of nonsense. They are perfect for dazzling your friends, impressing your coworkers, or starting a conversation at a library conference. Give them to your employees, board members, supporters, volunteers, students, or yourself!

Surely you or someone you envied had a sash or vest full of little cloth embroidered badges for your skills in the wilderness. Now we can celebrate all of our awesome library talents while having fun.  The guys have already reached their initial fundraising goal of $7,000 and have passed a few other stretch goals but there’s still time to make this project more wonderful with additional pledges before October 2, 2013. More donations mean more badges and don’t you want a full sash? Head over to their Kickstarter page to see the sample badges, read more about the project and how you can use it to inspire and reward the people who help make your library extraordinary!




I'm a middle school librarian who embraces books and technology and information in any form. I successfully got the word "cybrarian" listed on the 2000 Lake Superior State College Banished Words list. @cdobrez

One response to Library Rangers Unite!


    Awesome! Badging and gamification going retro with physical objects.

    We made these pins a while back to celebrate shelving skills, but I’d never imagined a whole spectrum of level.s

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