Leave the Library on Time

Megan Hartline —  November 13, 2014 — Leave a comment
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Librarianship is a lifestyle as much as a profession. The desire to help can lead to staying just a little later at the end of every shift to get that last email sent, and never saying “no” to a request from a colleague.

The Week recently ran a great article on a super-productive college professor, Cal Newton, with tips on how to get everything done and still leave on time, including focusing on the important stuff instead of your email inbox:

Shallow work is little stuff like email, meetings, moving information around. Things that are not really using your talents. Deep work pushes your current abilities to their limits. It produces high value results and improves your skills.

This advice really resonates with me. Additionally, I’m happy to see a productivity expert (Newton runs a blog on excelling in knowledge work) endorse my method of putting every task in my calendar instead of making a to-do list.

Megan Hartline


Megan Hartline (@awrybrarian on Twitter) is a librarian in Denver, Colorado. In addition to librarianship, Megan's background is in nonprofit leadership. She would love to visit your library to talk about management, workflows, or customer service.

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