Make me laugh Vooza. I need it.

Kevin King —  April 6, 2015 — Leave a comment

The website Vooza has a knack for sending me a video when I most need a laugh. This comedy team likes to poke fun at leadership, management and tech. Not only does it make me laugh, it reminds me that becoming a better leader is not always about being serious.

Meet the staff:

After watching this one, I finally understood the reasons for having a LinkedIn account.

I started using the phrase “busy bragging” after watching this one.


Kevin King


Kevin King is the Head of Branch and Circulation Services at the Kalamazoo (MI) Public Library. Previously Kevin led Teen Services at KPL, where he helped build a nationally recognized program. Kevin has presented all over the country on many topics including teen services, innovation, graphic novels, and programming. As a member of ALA, YALSA, PLA and the Michigan Library Association, Kevin has served on various committees and has luckily won a couple of awards. In his spare time Kevin obsesses over the Detroit Tigers, listens to music and does his best to be a kick ass dad to Abigail and Rachael.

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