The Perks of Being a Librarian: Falling Head Over Heels for a Book

Melissa T. Smith —  April 30, 2015 — Leave a comment


bb878ba0d54fc5ca70e3a1e09719448fLet’s face it, we all have them: those titles that we love fiercely, refer to constantly, recommend to everyone. You become a wild-eyed pusher who wants them to get it same way you did. Sometimes you are satisfyingly successful. You see a few teens pouring over it during a class visit, a woman pages through it by the display, or you see it on the shelving truck!

One of those titles for me is Material World by Peter Menzel, 1994.

Partly because I love seeing other peoples stuff and partly because it works with almost anyone who walks into the library. It is a great browsing book, it still stands up today if only to show a moment in time and has many read-alikes and websites that do similar photos– like these photo essays from the NYT: Rise and Shine, Pink or Blue Toys for Girls and Boys.

This is just one of a long list of my sweeties! What are a few of your one and onlys?

Melissa T. Smith


Industrious, rarely mild-mannered Librarian Honeybee, working to bring teens and authors together. Book Lover, Teen Advocate and Promoter of Reading for Pleasure. Admirer and Acquirer of Flair in its many forms!

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