Today…So Yesterday

Melissa T. Smith —  May 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

9780143003267Even though now it’s So Yesterday…the novel, So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld (2004) speaks to the “Cool Hunter” in me and explains the world in a way that I understand.


“At the top of the pyramid there are the Innovators…When you meet them, most innovators don’t look that cool…There’s always something off about them…Except…there’s always one thing that stands out on an Innovator. Something New. Next level down the pyramid are the Trendsetterrs. They watch carefully for innovations, always ready to jump on board. Below them are the Early Adopters they always have the latest anything. Further down we have the Consumers. The people who have to see a product everywhere before saying “Hey, that’s pretty cool!” Last are the Laggards, I kind of like them. Proud of their mullets … They resist all change…and soldier on.”


Innovation–is the new buzzword, it’s eveywhere and we know what that means.  It’s not necessarily that new anymore.  It also means since everyone’s on board, now might be the time to try something New.  It seems like you are either doing it or not–supporting it or discouraging it. Here are a few different articles from Forbes and Bussiness2Community that show how and where Innovation is struggling and how and where libraries and librarians can and are picking up the slack.

How are you leading your team as an Innovator?  Where are you lagging behind? The base of the pyramid is its widest part think of ways you can focus your energies and rise to the top.

Melissa T. Smith


Industrious, rarely mild-mannered Librarian Honeybee, working to bring teens and authors together. Book Lover, Teen Advocate and Promoter of Reading for Pleasure. Admirer and Acquirer of Flair in its many forms!

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