Great Finds: Words That Work

hhibner —  August 31, 2015 — Leave a comment

I stumbled across Words That Work, a 2007 book by Dr. Frank Luntz recently, and I’m so glad it happened! It is about how to use the right words at the right time to meet all of your goals, both personal and professional.

The author works with CEOs, politicians, activists, and world leaders. He teaches them how to use language to inspire people, to evoke emotion, to gain credibility, and to satisfy their listeners.

Dr. Luntz has “Ten rules of effective language”:

  1. Simplicity: use small words
  2. Brevity: use short sentences
  3. Credibility is as important as philosophy
  4. Consistency matters
  5. Novelty: offer something new
  6. Sound and texture matter
  7. Speak aspirationally
  8. Visualize
  9. Ask a question
  10. Provide context and explain relevance

The details of each rule are completely relevant to library leaders and managers. Anyone who gives performance reviews, persuades voters, presents to library board members, runs meetings, trains employees, looks for buy-in on new ideas – and so many other activities library leaders do every day! – simply must read this book.



Adult Services Coordinator at the Plymouth District Library with a mild obsession for collection quality. Ok, maybe not so mild. Find me on Twitter at @hhibner and over at Awful Library Books (!

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