Introverts and Extroverts: Interpersonal Dynamics in a Library Workplace

Jessica Jones —  March 17, 2016 — 3 Comments


Considering the myriad reasons that people find themselves working in or visiting libraries, it is little wonder that librarians and library staff experience an interesting workplace personality dynamic. Introversion versus extroversion, as well as differences in self-monitoring (one’s ability to regulate one’s behavior and accommodate social situations), often leads to clashes that have repercussions in a library workplace setting.

For example, extroverts tend to find renewed energy in working at a reference desk; introverts may enjoy that interfacing, but still face burnout without appropriate recovery time away from others.

How does one successfully navigate relationships in a workplace where many people are personally fighting burnout while others must combat the burnout of those around them? How do we lead and unite a staff that represents the full spectrum of relational preferences with very different approaches to communicating with their colleagues and interpreting the organization’s goals?

How does a manager inspire staff who are so diversely motivated and energized?

In search of some answers to these questions, a group of librarians at the Bryan and College Station Public Library System in Texas is hoping to form some insights and coping strategies by using data from as wide a sample as possible. We invite librarians and library staff to take part in an anonymous survey that will provide information about each participant’s personality, self-monitoring abilities, and job satisfaction. We appreciate any and all responses we receive.

Jessica Jones


I'm a librarian who likes to laugh, go outside, and take roadtrips.

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