Woman Carrying Serving Tray

Great Leaders Gotta Serve

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi

Woman Carrying Serving TrayLibrary Lost & Found started because I was a lousy manager.  I spent years reading, observing and asking questions about how to become both an inspiring leader and effective manager.  What I found most helpful were the honest and frank conversations with my peers and colleagues about being a library leader.  The most important piece of advice I learned is that great leaders serve.  One of my primary duties as a department head is to give all my direct reports the tools they need to succeed and the support to complete the work.  It is a simple idea, but one that is lost on most library managers.  Working hard for the people working for you will almost always result in a team that is healthy, filled with trust and effective.

This blog is dedicated to serving library leaders.  Library Lost & Found is a resource for both newly minted and long time managers.  The goal is that it is filled with wisdom from a dedicated group of writers, who desire to serve the profession.  The blog contributors agree that the only way to continue to grow our profession is to help lost leaders.

Since I learned from the successes and mistakes of others, I wanted to start a blog filled with similar advice.  I am thrilled that this is the 100th post!  In just over three months the blog has viewed over 16,000 times in over 70 countries.  We plan to continue serving you for another 100 posts and beyond.  Thanks to you for getting lost with us.

Servant Leadership at ALA Annual


The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) will be sponsoring a workshop on Servant Leadership at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago on June 28.  Professional library trainer, Linda Bruno, will discuss how you can cultivate a strong loyalty from both staff and library users.  Servant leaders focus outwardly and work in partnership with their staff and communities.